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Director – omnibus

Noufal Markkar

I began with a lyric from the lovely poem Daffodils by William Wordworth; and the lyric alone is worth a million words. It’s always normal for student’s mind to battle on career planning. Parental influence, societal influence, peer influence etc. would often wash away a person to a career which was never meant for them. Although it’s never late for anything, yet, guidance reaching at the right time sustains to be unparalleled and priceless.

At Omnibus it’s our oath to Inspire, Streamline, Collocate and Fortify our students to set in pursuit of their dreams with stout credence; dreams that befit their aspirations, dreams that kindle hope and assurance to themselves and the world at large. We believe learning is never accomplished without absorbing the essence of what we teach, and this verily inspired us to pilot our students enabling them towards a life-metamorphosis whilst correlating the curriculum with the vibrant dimensions of life with their values and morale always vivacious; take away principle being, learn to learn and learn to live.

Driving through the phase of a tenacious world it’s an inevitable exigency to keep up the pace on teaching strategies, which in-turn enabled the evolution of Flashcards, Mind Mapping, Mind Palace, Mnemonics, Ear-key etc. to take a pivotal position among our training strategies.

Being the founder and key developer of our groundbreaking TLC psychometric assessment, it’s far beyond my delight to know that the tool played a crucial role in scrutinizing our student’s Talent, Learning-style and Character that precisely defined and refined their aptitude knotted with their key cognitive flavors.

As we continue inspiring and training thousands, it’s my pleasure and pride to steer you towards a choice through introspective tactics that can determine a freeway to your dreams and passion.

Academic Director – omnibus


As a researcher,I was passionate about the scientific method of exploration and discoveries. Learning is important but to discover the most effective way to learn is much more important in higher studies.The P.h.D period introduced me to various learning approaches. With diligence I have acquired the knowledge about understanding the basics of Learning which requires strong interest, curiosity, conceptual understanding, experiential wisdom

and the ability to retrieve data and information on appropriate intervals.Rather than optingfor traditional career areas, I chose teaching and mentoring young students as my profession which would allow me to impart the knowledge I have gained till now. For me, teaching is an art and very abstract. It is mainly focused on children’s intangible and invisible segments. This job allows me to gauge their emotions, understanding, potential etc.The Learning practices employed focuses on the overall development of the students along with fostering their positive competitive spirit and strength of character than one solely focused on marks and tests.My philosophy about education is to imbue a sense of civility and humanity or else being human.

Dear buddies, Omnibus is a chartered flight to the academic world of elegant and miraculous learning, unleashing your unlimited potential

ducation Qualifications:

• Ph.D., Botany, University of Calicut. 2017

• 3rd Rank Holder in M.Sc., Bioinformatics, Sree Narayana Guru Institute of Science and Technology, Mahatma Gandhi University, 2009.

• B.Sc., Microbiology, Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Bharathiyar University, 2007


• Learned KSCSTE Research Fellowship-2010.

Key Expertise:

• Molecular Biology: Real Time-PCR, PCR, Isolation of DNA/ RNA/ Protein, Gel Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Blotting etc.

• Microbiology: Basic microbiology techniques.

• Biochemistry: Biochemical Analysis

• Bioinformatics- Sequence analysis, Annotation study, Protein modeling, Drug designing, Phylogenetic analysis etc.

• Statistics- SPSS

Experience Summary:

• Trained thousands of students with modern learning methods and techniques that integrated with fun and joy of learning

• 5 years of research and teaching experience in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.

• Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Subject Expert in e-content development for CEC/UGC website, conducted by EMMRC, University of Calicut.

• Guest Faculty,2010-2011, Sree Narayana Guru Institute of Science and Technology, Mahatma Gandhi University. Course: M.Sc Bioinformatics in the Classroom

• Given seminar on Bioinformatics and its relevance in Biological systems to Botany undergraduate students of 2010-2011, at St.Joseph’s college, Irinjalakuda.

• Conducted 3 days orientation classes on Bioinformatics for B.Sc and M.Sc Biotechnology students in St.Joseph’s college, Irinjalakuda.

• Conducted theory and practical classes in Bioinformatics for the M.Sc Plant Science students at M.E.S Asmabi College, P.vemballur, Thrissur from 18th October to 11th November 2010.

• Publications: 3 International journal publications

• GenBank submissions: 6 Genes submitted to GenBank

• Presented paper at conferences: 12

International HSE Trainer, Physics Mentor

Ms. Deeshma Devarajan

Hello friends,

I am Deeshma, your own Physics Teacher, who teaches from the heart!!! , Guys, what you think about physics?

Well, Would you ever feel to unfold the beauty of the universe ranging from subatomic to cosmological scales.?

Then, it’s our cup of tea.

Triggering your innate quest of learning is the only criteria to learn, explore and experience the world of physics with real life scenarios.

I am sure, you would be fascinated and highly enthusiastic in our journey

Profile Snapshot

• An inborn, creative, resourceful teacher over 7 years of experience in guiding and mentoring students especially the enhancement of academic excellence

• My passion towards teaching and mentoring is distinguished by commitment to achieve my students elevated states

• Cultivate curiosity and interest in learning with the integration of all possible methods

• Use of my subject knowledge and emotions simultaneously to trigger out the limitless potential of each child

• Outstanding ability to render the subject in most easiest and simplified ways thereby students grab the concept through effortless effort method


• Diploma in Chemical Engineering

• NEBOSH IGC (National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety)


• NEBOSH IGC (International General Certification) Master Trainer since 2017

• High School, Higher Secondary State and CBSE Physics Trainer since 2013

Chemist OmniBus, IIHRM

Ms. Jesi

Hello Buddies,

I am Jesi, Your Chemistry TeacherThe term alchemy inferred both scientific and spiritual tradition. When an Alchemist claims to purify base metals in to gold, I am intended to purify your souls with the groundwork of modern chemistry.Being a Pharmacist with keen interest in chemistry, I choose my teaching career with great passion and love for learning.I firmly believe patience, commitment with self-motivation build a good teacher.

Profile Snapshot:

• Extensive hands-on experience in the practice of Chemistry and solid grasp of its theories

• Creative whilst developing learning methods to accommodate different learners and optimising students’ comprehension

• Outstanding ability to bring about and maintain high academic standards that compatible with exam view point

• Proficiency in integrating subject topics to real life scenarios

• Unquenchable passion for continuous learning


• B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy, Kerala University of Health Science)

Support – Social Science

Ms. HARISSA – Research Scholar

My self Harisa. Your Social Science trainer and lead research support.From my early childhood, my passion and interest is to become a social reformer and influence and inspire many lives. Team OmniBus paved my way with acute insights towards my mission. When I am choosing teaching as my career, eventually I could influence the lives of young generations and thereby a society. In spite of academic excellence, OmniBus made me to realise the life values and morale should bring forward as the part of curriculum. So, with the team together, we learn and enjoy…

Profile Snapshot:

• Over 3 years of experience in training and igniting young minds

• Possesses an effective, positive, and flexible teaching style with the willingness to work beyond the comfort zone

• I would love to utilize my energetic attitude and instructional abilities to lead students at OmniBus

• A highly passionate researcher with dedicated support to the preparation of customized students friendly study materials and thereby bringing par academic excellence

• Ability to work closely and collaboratively with the OmniBus school administration


• Research Scholar, (P.h.D) on Politics in MG University, Kottayam

• 1st Rank holder in Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in International Relations and Politics from School of International Relations and Politics, MG University Kottayam

• 1st Rank holder in Master of Arts (M.A) in International Relations and Politics from School of International Relations and Politics, MG University Kottayam

• Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Economics from MES Asmabi College, Vemballur

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