Study in Germany


Renowned for hosting some of history’s most exceptional intellectual and creative minds, Germany provides an affordable, top-notch educational environment situated in the heart of Europe, offering limitless prospects for career advancement, travel, and cultural exploration.

Why Study in Germany

Safe Country to Live and Study:

  • Provides a Secure Environment for Living and Learning

World-Class Degrees Recognized Globally:

  • Offers Internationally Recognized Top-Quality Degrees

Diverse Range of Study Opportunities:

  • Abundance of Academic Choices and Specializations

17,500 Degree Programs Offered:

  • Extensive Array of 17,500 Degree Programs Available

Scientifically Oriented Study in a Wide Range of Disciplines:

  • Emphasis on Scientific-Based Education across Various Fields

Lowest Tuition Fees:

  • Offers Some of the Lowest Tuition Fees Available

Ample Number of Scholarships on Offer:

  • Provides Numerous Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Education System

Higher education in Germany are divided into

  • Universities
  • Universities of ‘Applied Sciences’
  • Colleges of Art and Music
  • The entire system in Germany totals nearly 400 higher education institutions, with roughly 120 universities
  • 189 universities of public administrative sciences
  • 50 art colleges.


  • 10236 Euros for first year


  • A public university- from no fees to 500 to 1000 euro/ sem
  • Private universities- 5000 euro to 7000 euro/ sem



  • Summer- March/ April
  • 10236 Euros for first year
  • Winter- Sep/oct
  • certain private universities – feb/may/june in addition to above intakes.

Work Rights and Stay Back:

  • 240 days part-time or 120 days full-time work allowed in a year.
  • Students can work additional hours with approval from the foreign authority.
  • 18 months of stay-back period.
  • 20 hours/week during class timings and 40 hours/week during vacations.


  • dont need the separate option as masters and MBA


  • 15 & 16 year Education with 75% or 2.75 GPA.
  • IELTS – 6.5 overall or TOEFL – 85points (IBT)


  • IELTS – 6.5 or TOEFL – 85points (IBT)
  • Work Experience 2 – 3 year at managerial level GMAT – 550
  • GMAT – 550 (exceptionally required

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