Study in Sweden


Sweden, renowned for its innovations and universities of academic excellence, provides students with a solid foundation for building successful careers. Beyond academic pursuits, Sweden’s scenic outdoor locations, cultural richness, and delectable cuisine offer an enriching experience. Explore what Sweden has in store for you!

Why study in Sweden

Courses with Cutting-Edge Technology and High-End Research:

  • Cutting-edge courses integrating the latest technology and advanced research.

Liberal Scholarships up to 100%:

  • Generous scholarships available, including full tuition coverage.

IELTS – Exemptions for Indian STEM Graduates:

  • Indian STEM graduates exempted from IELTS and GRE as per country requirements.

Beautiful Cities, Efficient Public Transportation, Peaceful Environment:

  • Stunning cities, effective public transit, and a serene environment with minimal pollution.

Industry-Centric Courses for Practical Experience and Competitiveness:

  • Industry-oriented programs fostering practical experience and skill independence for competitive advantage.

Rigorous Quality Control on All Courses:

  • Stringent quality control measures implemented for all taught courses.

Affordable Education with Fully Subsidized Tuition Costs:

  • Most universities fully subsidize tuition costs for all students, ensuring affordability regardless of nationality.

English-Taught Courses with a Diverse Range:

  • Abundance of English-taught courses catering to international students.

Excellent International Study Environment with English as the Medium of Instruction:

  • Exceptional international study environment with all programs taught in English.

Strong Presence in Innovation and Technical Prowess:

  • Known for its technical prowess and contributions to various innovations.

World-Renowned Universities and Strong Economy:

  • Three Swedish universities rank among the top 100 globally, while Sweden boasts one of the world’s strongest economies.

Birthplace of Successful Innovative Companies:

  • Birthplace of several successful and innovative companies such as Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, Tetrapak, Ikea, H&M, and Electrolux.

The Swedish Educational System:

There are over 50 institutions offering higher education in Sweden. Degrees are generally offered at three levels: bachelors, masters, and doctoral. These institutions have greater autonomy in structuring courses and programs according to their own needs, utilizing a credit system that empowers students to have a say in their learning and education. Master’s programs are closely linked with local industry, and institutions are obligated to engage with the local community while specializing in specific subject areas.


  • STEM graduates- IELTS/GRE is exempted
  • Management students- IELTS, as per the University Requirement

Cost of Study:

The tuition fees typically range between SEK 70,000 and 170,000 per academic year (around EUR 7,000-17,000). The exact amount will depend on your program, degree level, and the university.


  • Unrestricted part time work rights for Students (Dependents can join)
  • 12 months stay back


  • January/August

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