Considering studying in the UK? It’s undoubtedly a wise decision. The UK boasts some of the world’s oldest, esteemed, and globally recognized universities, consistently ranking among the best globally. These institutions offer courses across various domains, including engineering, science, business management, law, finance, art, and design, among others.

The UK remains one of the most sought-after study destinations for students from India and around the world. It provides an ideal environment to connect and study with some of the brightest minds globally, guided by world-leading academicians. With some of the finest scholarship programs available, students can be assured of the necessary funding to complete their studies in the UK. However, it is important to note that meeting the specified eligibility criteria is essential to secure these scholarships.

Moreover, the abundance of part-time work opportunities not only aids in covering a portion of the expenses but also provides valuable work experience, facilitating entry into the UK job market. Collaborating with the top study consultants in the UK can pave the way for building a rewarding career in the UK.

Why study in UK

International Education Hub for over 100 Years:

  • A Hub for International Education for a Century
  • Long-standing Reputation as an Education Destination

Easy Visa Rules for International Students:

  • Simplified Visa Regulations for Students
  • Streamlined Visa Process for Simplified Entry

Diverse Range of Courses:

  • Extensive and Varied Course Offerings
  • Array of Academic Disciplines and Specializations

No Job Centre Permission Required for International Students:

  • Absence of Job Centre Authorization for International Students
  • Flexibility for Students to Seek Employment Opportunities

Free Health Insurance for Students:

  • Complimentary Health Insurance Coverage for Students
  • Supportive Health Provisions for Student Well-being

One of the Highest Standards of Living in the World:

  • Boasts One of the World’s Highest Standards of Living
  • Quality Living Standards and Well-developed Infrastructure

Offered Qualifications

  • Degree Courses
  • Vocational Training
  • Diplomas
  • Postgraduate Courses
  • Sandwich Courses: 4-year courses with one year of industry placement
  • First Degree Courses: 3-4 years duration
  • Diplomas and Vocational Courses: 1-2 years with the Vocational and Technical Education Councils conferring the degree certificate
  • Masters: 1 or 2 years
  • Postgraduate Study: Either as a work of independent research under supervision or a taught course of one or two years duration

Test Requirements:

  • IELTS, TOEFL, PTE scores, or any equivalent as evidence of English Proficiency.
  • Eligible candidates can avail an IELTS waiver.

Diploma Programs:

  • Overall band score of 5.0.

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Overall band score of 6.0.

Masters Programs:

  • Overall band score of 6.0 – 6.5.

Education Cost:

  • Average of 10,000 GBP per year*
  • *Fees information provided is for informational purposes and may vary between universities.

Cost of Living:

  • 11,385 GBP (Inner London – 9 months)
  • 9,135 GBP (Outer London – 9 months)

Work Rights & Stay Back:

  • Students completing studies in the UK are eligible for a 2-year Post-Study Work Visa (PSW) through the Graduate Immigration Route (GIR).
  • After the 2-year period, they can transition to a skilled work visa if they secure a job that meets the skill requirements of the field.
  • This post-study visa arrangement provides Indian students with access to the UK labor market.
  • Under the point-based immigration system, STEM graduates and professionals are granted work rights and have the opportunity to secure permanent residency (PR) status in the UK. (*Conditions Apply)


Main intakes during:

  • January
  • September

*Some universities may offer multiple intakes in February, April, May, October, and November.


If you’re aspiring to obtain a degree in the UK but are constrained financially, you can explore the GREAT scholarship to study in the UK. The UK government provides numerous bursaries, scholarships, and additional financial assistance to students from various countries. This encompasses Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships and Global Wales Scholarships for International Students, which are applicable to Indian students as well. For more information regarding scholarships, you can click here to chat with our expert counselor