Noufal Marakkar


(DIRECTOR –OMNIBUS, MA Clinical Psychology, MBA HR & Finance)


Noufal Marakkar – an experienced International Trainer, a keen Researcher and peak Performance Coach.


Backed by strong and diverse academic qualifications, the Director of Omnibus School for Training and Consultancy, Noufal Marakkar began his journey of transforming and elevating lives 14 years ago. He has ten certifications that include two postgraduate degrees (MBA HR, MA – Clinical Psychology), a post graduate diploma degree (PG Diploma in Public Relations Management), diploma in Clinical Therapeutic Hypnosis, three international degrees in Language Training (TEFL from UK), Neurolinguistics programming (Certified NLP Practitioner – ABNLP) and NEBOSH Training (IGC-certification from UK) respectively. Other than these, he has obtained 36 international personal and professional Master’s certifications on mind, body and soul spectrum. Along with the NEBOSH program, his theoretical interests cover different aspects of Education, Psychology, Language Teaching and Neurolinguistics Programming.


Being an enthusiastic learner, who is always ready to absorb more knowledge, Marakkar is on a quest to discover better tools that will transform this world into a better place. He is mentored in this quest, by some of the best Coaches, including Robin Sharma (top 5 leadership experts in the world), Steven Kotler, Richard Bandler, Marisa Peer, Ken Honda, Jim Kwik, Ben Greenfield, Emily Flecher, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Donna Eden, Marie Diamond, Michael Beckwith, Keith Ferrazzi, Lisa Nichols, Ken Wilber, Dr. Michael Breus, Srikumar Rao, Steve Cotter, Anodea Judith, Jeffrey Allen, Eckhart Tolle and Jason Campbell among other renowned life and career gurus.


Deeply passionate about training and research, the Markkar ensures that each student is taught according to his/her specific needs. Students who have been trained under his programs have tasted success thanks to his creative methods of teaching/training.

Having facilitated many young minds to perform better and aim higher, Marakkar prefers holistic methods of training. His discoveries in the field of teaching, inspired him to merge the NEBOSH certification program along with a Personal Transformation program for the first time ever. This has produced well-qualified, well-rounded, capable professionals, who are now employed in leading firms across the world. They were empowered by the NEBOSH certification as well as a complete personal transformation, thanks to unique program, conceptualized by Noufal Marakkar.

Marakkar has also devised a distinctive aptitude test, for students to help them make the right choice in choosing courses at college. First of its kind in India, the TLC assessment (Talent – Learning Style – Character & Memory) helps in directing students towards choosing the courses that best suit their interests and potential. The TLC assessment and counselling help students not only in scoring marks or getting admission into colleges, but is an all-inclusive program, that guides young citizens towards a promising future. TLC has been instrumental in helping passionate youngsters discover the job that they love instead of bowing down to societal pressure.

Being a fervent teacher at heart, he also runs the Omnibus School, an online tutoring service, that provides coaching for young school students preparing for their Board exams.


Marakkar has conducted hundred-plus effective sessions and programs both at the national as well as international levels for improving the lives of people. Many eminent educational institutions have improved their levels of performance under the able guidance and insights provided by the guru.


The Markkar’s vision for the future includes re-engineering the human consciousness, using sophisticated pedagogical tools and the wisdom gathered over years of experience. Marakkar strives towards stimulating the energy present in each human being, in order to maximize individual potential.

Continuing 14 years of transformation, education and enlightenment, he and his team of qualified trainers, seek to bring joy to the process of learning and empowers each learner to take reins of his/her journey of academic exploration.

For Noufal Marakkar, education does not stop with degrees and certifications. True education is about igniting the fire in each soul and that is what we do at Omnibus.

Dr. Showmy Reshin

Lead Research, Omnibus Higher Education Services

In a world where many women relinquish their aspirations post-marriage, primarily due to familial responsibilities and societal pressures, Showmy serves as a beacon of inspiration for those resilient, resolute individuals determined to breathe life into their ambitions.

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in Biotechnology at St. Alotious College, Elthuruthy, her journey is underscored by a robust academic foundation. She completed her undergraduate studies in BSC Microbiology from Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, securing the 3rd rank in her MSc Bioinformatics from SNGIST, and furthered her academic pursuits with a Doctorate in Botany from Calicut University.

Showmy’s passion lies in shaping the lives of the new generation, imparting guidance tailored to their unique aptitudes and interests, and facilitating their admissions to esteemed national and international educational institutions. Alongside her extensive portfolio of research endeavors and educational qualifications, she is known for her unwavering professionalism, adherence to high ethical standards, adeptness in executing tasks with finesse, articulate communication skills, and exceptional interpersonal abilities.

Shanfeer Shamsudheen

Chief Administrative Officer

Omnibus Higher Education Services

Have you ever imagined a situation at a normal middle class family where a man returns from abroad by standing down his highly paid corporate job to start a venture which hardly had a scope at that time?

Never!!! But here we have an ideal exemplar that took the risk and  developed his brain child called Omnibus school of education consultancies which is one among top notch tutoring and counselling brands in Kerala. In the journey of turning risk into success he possesses graduation in BCA and also holds post graduation in MBA in international business from well known school of management studies, CUSAT. He posses excellent managerial and organizational skills. Apart from all these he is the epitome of confidence, dignity, modesty, humbleness and gratitude

Sahira Fazal

Chief Student Cordinator

Omnibus Higher Education Services

Meet our esteemed Chief Student Counselor, Sahira Fazal, a dynamic professional with a passion for guiding students toward academic and personal success. With a wealth of experience in student counseling, she excels in translating her ideas into compelling narratives that resonate with students. Her ability to communicate effectively extends beyond the student body, as she skillfully engages with parents, fostering open and constructive dialogues to ensure a holistic support system.

Known for her exceptional interpersonal skills, she creates a warm and inclusive environment where students feel heard and understood. Her dedication to building meaningful connections contributes to a supportive community that encourages students to explore their potential and aspirations.

Hardworking and committed, Sahira goes above and beyond to provide personalized guidance tailored to each student’s unique needs. Whether navigating career choices, academic challenges, or personal growth, she is unwavering in her commitment to helping students achieve their goals.

In Sahira Fazal, you’ll find a Chief Student Counselor who not only possesses the expertise to navigate the complexities of student counseling but also brings a genuine passion for empowering the next generation. With her at the helm, students can confidently embark on their academic journeys, equipped with the guidance and support needed to excel.