“On the historic banks of Muzris, the lost port which have the story of million years to tell we, Omnibus School of Training and Consultancy initiated at 2014 are here to tell thousands of success stories.

At Omnibus, we take a holistic approach to a student’s journey, encompassing learning, recognition, transformation, and placement. We are more than just consultants; instead, we perceive students in their entirety, considering their talents, personalities, aptitudes, and interests before guiding them towards their desired educational path. Over the years, we have empowered countless students, playing a pivotal role in helping them find their true life and professional callings.

Heading Omnibus is our founder and managing director, Mr. Noufal Marakkar, a man whose personal evolution from self-discovery to guiding millions on their own inner quests has been nothing short of remarkable. With an impressive array of qualifications, including two postgraduate degrees in Business Administration and Clinical Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in clinical therapeutic hypnosis, and international certifications in teaching English for foreign language students (TEFL UK), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), and Nebosh International Occupational Health and Safety (UK), Mr. Marakkar is a true polymath.

As a psychologist, trainer, and career coach, he has pioneered unique assessment methods that discern student aptitude, interests, and personality types. These methodologies have become integral to guiding students in making informed career choices in schools and parallel education systems. Mr. Marakkar’s extensive training programs have left an indelible mark on countless young minds, significantly influencing their life trajectories and career decisions.

In the realm of study abroad services, Omnibus offers comprehensive end-to-end facilitation, boasting authorized representation for 1500+ prestigious universities and colleges across 28+ countries. Fearlessly guiding students toward the best international institutions globally, we pave the way for outstanding international academic achievements and rewarding careers for thousands.

Aside from higher education services, Omnibus also specializes in the tutoring of high school students, as well as providing training programs for institutions in both the educational and corporate sectors. With a comprehensive range of educational solutions, Omnibus aims to support and enhance learning experiences at various levels, fostering academic growth and professional development for a diverse range of students and professionals.

The Omnibus team attributes its success to unwavering dedication, integrity, professionalism, and the seamless integration of customer relationship management (CRM) and cutting-edge technology. Above all, we prioritize our students, providing them with a home away from home throughout their educational journeys.”