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A 360 degree Assessment of Talent, Learning and Character

Why do the majority of our students fail to excel in their careers despite being highly qualified?

“Because a fish cannot climb a tree.”

Recent research shows:

  • Less than 20% of students are able to excel in their careers.
  • Only 7% of engineering graduates are employable.
  • Over 93% of MBA graduates are wandering and unemployable.
  • Only 26% successfully complete their professional studies.
  • Even after being successful, candidates struggle to find employment.

More than 89% of students are victims of wrong career selection. They do not consider their inborn intelligences, aptitude, interests, and personality types when choosing their careers.

What is the solution?

The questions end here, and the confusion stops.

Everyone is a genius.

For the first time in history, after years of intensive research, we bring to you a comprehensive 360-degree assessment of a student’s talent, learning style, and character.

Execution mode:

  • Students undergo a 45-minute objective psychometric assessment after logging in with their given credentials.
  • It generates a comprehensive report based on students’ innate intelligences, interests, learning styles, and personality features.
  • Students and parents are consulted and advised by our expert life coach regarding their right career choices and stream selections based on competent areas of intelligences, interests, and personality types.
  • We present them with ‘MY LIFE BOOK,’ which portrays their complete areas of strength and areas to be improved based on academic and non- academic arenas

Why should your children do this assessment?

  • To identify the innate intelligences, interests, aptitude, learning styles, and personality types of your child.
  • To select the best career and stream based on career fitment analysis and personality compatibility analysis, which will help them avoid confusion about courses, careers, and professions.
  • To gain admission in world’s best class universities and colleges through us
  • To recognize what is unique in your child, enabling them to shape their entire spectrum of life.
  • To experience a complete scientific assessment that evaluates your child’s 360-degree potential.
  • To live effortlessly by achieving their goals and objectives in their unique competencies and build a career in their passionate area with zero stress and anxiety.
  • To lead a passionate life where they contribute to the world by doing what they love.
  • To gain insight into their areas of strength and areas for improvement and take corrective actions to develop them.
  • To succeed in personal and professional lives and to illuminate their entire lives.
  • To put their own benchmark in this world and to  contribute the goodness to the world with what they have, making this world as more better place to live in

TLC Assessment is provided to our students at absolutely free of cost!!!

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